This is a really difficult time for many businesses in a time of great uncertainty and change and organisations are heavy relying on remote working in order to meet business objectives. 

Many organisations are using Microsoft Teams as their online collaboration and meetings platform.  However, how confident are you that your users are enabled correctly and making the most of their Teams functionality?

Codec are delivering Online Microsoft Teams Training for companies.  Train your organisation on how to use MS Teams for calls, messaging, meetings and collaborate effectively.

We will work with you to create a training plan to suit your specific training needs that will be delivered by our experienced trainers. On-line training duration is 90 min and is delivered to a maximum of 15 people per session.

Whats Covered (Agenda): 

  1. Navigation - Search & Commands, Status
  2. Communication: Chat, Individual, Group, Add user, Leave group, Format, Delivery Options, Attachments, etc, Calls, ScreenShare, Pin, Mute, Notify, Delete, Edit, Calendar, Outlook Integration, Navigation, Setting up a meeting Teams Vs Outlook, Joining a Meeting, Meeting Functionality, Calls, Voicemail
  3. Teams:  What is a Team & Channel, Posts, All Team can see, Three types of @, Reply, Attaching, Notifications, Files, Folder/File Creation, Move/Copy, Check In/Out, Email to Channel, When you need to use SharePoint, File Sharing, Version History
  4. Files
  5. Activity, Settings & Help

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