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WEBINAR: BYOD Security: What are the Risks and How can they be Mitigated?

Leonardo Felippine, Senior Cloud and Platform Consultant, and Richard Nolan, Head of Digital Sales at Codec show you how to secure your data and to take advantage of BYOD. See Intune in action with a Live Demo.

In the digital era it is imperative to provide seamless access to corporate apps and data, at any time, wherever your staff are and to whatever device that they use. This trend of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) has a positive impact on the organisation and is one which continues to grow. 

However with this evolution comes increased risks around access to company data. Employers will have to update their networks and security mechanisms to accommodate BYOD, and new company policies will be put in place. 

Why you should download the webinar?

  • Find out how to strengthen your company BYOD strategy using tools within Microsoft Intune and hear about the kind of features which help aid your strategy in ensuring confidential information is not shared outside the network. 
  • Hear practical tips on securing your company data and how to make sure that you control access whilst empowering employees and increasing productivity
  • Learn how Codec can provide the knowledge and expertise to help secure your network environment. 
  • Find out how Codec have implemented the technology successfully for a number of organisations. 
  • See the technology in action with a live demo on Intune.

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