Dynamics workshop 2

Workshop: Using Dynamics 365 to Align Sales and Marketing Teams 

Tuesday 12th November | 9 am - 4.30 pm

One Microsoft Place
South County Business Park
Leopardstown - D18 P521, Dublin

You are invited to a Dynamics 365 for Sales & Marketing Workshop which will explore the multi-layered functionality of the Dynamics 365 platform and how this feature rich system enables better alignment with sales and marketing teams.  This practical, hands on workshop, will demonstrate this alignment by focusing on how Dynamics 365 fits into a "Day in the Life of a: Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager and Events Manager". 


  • One day workshop for attendees to get a comprehensive understanding of Dynamics 365 and how it can align both the sales and marketing teams. 
  • At the workshop, attendees will be shown (and get hands-on experience) of the Dynamics 365 platform and its multi-layered capabilities by breaking it down into its common uses by key members of the sales and marketing teams, namely:
    • How a Sales Professional will use Dynamics to manage customer accounts to give them a full view of their business along the whole sales life cycle and keep track of the historical relationship with the customer.
    • How a Business Development Manager will use Dynamics 365 for prospecting new leads that can be become successful opportunities managed through dashboards and reports easily created by users.
    • How a Marketing Professional will use Dynamics to create email marketing campaigns, landing pages, customer journeys (marketing campaigns) and use lead scoring to generate insights for the marketing department and actions for the Sales Team. 
    • How an Events Professional will be able to use Dynamics 365 for marketing to create, plan, execute and manage complex events from start to finish. From easily creating a landing page to promoting the event, users will also be shown how to manage multiple sessions and tracks for events as well as managing sponsors, registration lists check in lists and much more. 


  • Relevant for existing users of the Dynamics 365 sales platform in understanding how Dynamics 365 for marketing can fit seamlessly into their existing environment and allow sales and marketing to align themselves
  • Relevant for new users to CRM or Marketing automation solutions or for those using an existing system which needs changing or updating
  • Open to senior sales, marketing and event management professionals - there is something there for everyone


The session will take place in One Microsoft Place

This is a hands on session - please take your own laptop with you.  


This workshop is free of charge but places are limited so register early. 


miguel headshotDelivered by Miguel Alves, a Microsoft Certified senior Dynamics 365 Consultant, Miguel will bring real world implementation experience and provide valuable insights into the product. This workshop will be invaluable for those interested in learning more about what Dynamics 365 for sales and marketing can offer their organisation. 

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