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Presentation From John Hagerty at Oracle Performance Management Conference 2017

Don't miss out!

See what Vice-President for Analytics at Oracle and former Gartner distinguished expert, John Gartner, had to say at Codec's 2017 Oracle conference at the Westin Hotel on the 17th of November. 

Grab this exclusive opportunity to learn about the latest in technology trends and innovations in the world of Analytics. It was quite an eye-opening and fascinating look at new developments in analytics and the accompanying presentation comes with built-in narration. 

Please fill in the form to the right to download the slides - they are certainly worth the 10 minutes of time it will take to review. You'll also be able to access some of the other presentations on the day if you wish.

You can take a look at the agenda from the day below:

Oracle Agenda 17th Nov FINAL.png